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Price List

There are no nasty hidden fees with any of the packages.  Here are the current prices of a number of things you may wish to also purchase.

Domain Names

All of the website packages include a domain name for the first year.  Many people like to own the hyphenated version of their businesses’ name (so, your-business.co.uk and yourbusiness.co.uk) or possible spelling mistakes.

The following popular domain names can be offered for just £10 per year.

.com, .net, .org, .info, .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk

If you require a different ending for your domain name, please contact me for a current price.

Email Addresses

All of our packages come with at least one email address.  If you require additional email addresses they can be arranged for just £10 per year.

Website Updates

For just £15 per hour I can update your website for you.  For larger tasks a fixed price can be worked out.

This is an affordable way for customers who have the two page mini site to have their website updated in the future.  Although the large website packages allow you to update the pages yourself, you may prefer for me to handle your updates or to add new pages and features for you.


It is possible to set you up with a monthly report on how well your website is doing (click here for a demo).  There is a £10 set up fee for this but no yearly renewal fee.